Christmas Shopping for Wife…

So, my wife finally gave me her Christmas list today. After I went through it I gave her back a list of things that she had already received… LOL. (I am only joking with her though.)

She had given her “Boyfriend” the UPS driver a tip.

She has me, and my love.

She also has my daughter, and her love.

She found boots she wanted, so I told her they were early christmas gifts.

She found a bed spread, and sheets so I told her they were also early christmas gifts.


She laughed the minute she read what I had written down about those things.

The whole UPS driver thing is internally funny. You really would have to be here to understand.

Well, Happy Holidays to all…  I am off to go shopping for the wife.

Does anyone else have a UPS driver that their husband, or wife jokes about like this?

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