Christmas Around The House

I am not one to be a Grinch, but this year there is a higher power than Santa.  His name is JCP&L.  He gave me a gift that just seems to keep giving.  What was it you ask.  Well, it comes in the mailbox, and has lots of dollar signs.  No, it wasn’t a check for me.  It was a request of a check for him.  I have decided that this year I will not be decorating as much because for one not many of the family is actually coming by.  I have done enough to make me wish that Christmas was over already.  We have had a family tradition for quite a few years, and it seems that this year will be the last.  This was a tradition that my wifes mother started long before I met my wife.  It was fun while it lasted.  Here’s to you mother in law.  Now my wife is doing some shopping for any type of decorations that don’t cost much, and are things that we like.  Just the other day she found some outside light up trees at a very unique christmas ornaments sale.  This was the same place that she picked up her ornament for the ornament party that she is going to again this year.

Going to Disney for Christmas is something we are talking about now.  We haven’t done Christmas in Disney since @2000.  That was the same year we took my wifes mother to Disney.  She had some fun, but was in a lot of pain.

Do you have any holiday traditions that have changed over the years?

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