Christmas 2008…

Well, we were woken up at @5:45am by our daughter.  Wife, and I proceeded to roll over, and tell Leeann to go back to bed, and it was a dream.  At @7:30am she returned stating that Santa was there, and she wanted to get to the gifts.

Kids these days…!

She got everything she asked Santa for.  After she got everything she was asked if she was happy with everything.  She dropped the bomb on mom, and made mom go balistic.  She said that she didn’t want a few of the items.

Now I believe I am onto a solution… Have Santa leave the child $100, or so, and let her get exactly what she wants.  This is the 2nd year that Santa didn’t get everything right.  I don’t understand.  Kids these days are so impossible.  My daughter is not greedy in any shape, or form.  After Christmas at my mothers house she had to have a little sit down about something she said.  Granted I fully understand the reasoning behind her comment to my younger brother.

She was asked if she got everything she wanted.  She said yes, but she could have gotten more.  I really won’t get into the hows, and the whys, but I do actually fully understand her comment.  All I want to say is that when you do something… Do it equally.  Does anyone else have family members that kinda make you feel a little awkward during the holidays?

I have no complaints this year.  My parents don’t have to get me anything.  Honestly… as long as they are alive, and well I will be happy.  I just ask that they take care of my daughter.  This year she got me a Mickey Star Wars wristwatch.  I am a Star Wars person, and I am also a Disney person.

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