Children, Cell Phones, and “Parenting”

What is this world coming to?  Children of all ages are running around with cell phones.

I have always been a strong believer that cell phones should have their place in todays world.  I am guessing with the statistics that not everyone else feels the same way.  When I refer to cell phones I refer to the texting, and the chatting.

I am noticing more children of the younger ages having a cell phone.  Why is that?  Well, one answer to that might be “The parents need a babysitter for their child.”  Actually the real answer is more “Parents want to be involved in their childs life, but not in manners that they should be.”

When a 8 year old has a cell phone, and can chat, and text, and purchase who knows what from their phone there lies a problem.  Children have no responsibilities in this time.  Everything is handed to them on a silver platter.  Back when I was a kid I would have never gotten a cell phone from my parents.  Granted… carrying around a cement brick bag phone would have probably made me either a laughing stock, or very popular.

Most people really don’t understand how much money they are feeding companies, or do realize it, and don’t care.  Amazingly enough there are parents out there scraping to make money meet, and yet their child has a cell phone.  Make children use home phones.  Using a cell phone when at home makes no sense.

Not only that, but most parents don’t have a clue what kind of talk is going on with these kids when they are on cell phones.  Most kids wouldn’t talk the way they do if they were in front of their parents.  Well, that isn’t true, as some parents are just banks that fund their child clients.

My daughters soccer coach said this when my daughter made a comment about wanting a cell phone… “You should be at least 16 before you get a cell phone.”  I find that man very real in a lot of things he does.  He even showed me by that comment that not all parents can be brainless, and irresponsible.  I will not purchase a cell phone for my child to walk around and chat to her hearts content.

On the other side of this… I did recently purchase a very cheap prepaid phone from Circuit City when they were closing.  This phone will have a purpose.  We noticed a few times that my daughter didn’t call from her friends house to let us know she got their safe.  When asked why, she replied that the people didn’t have a house phone, and using their cell phone was not allowed.  For that reason, and only that reason we will dispatch to her when we feel necessary the prepaid phone.  It will be turned back over to us, and put away until needed again. 

I think the best part is that when all the CHILDREN get on their phones, and someone else needs to use their cell phone for an important call, and the towers get so extremelly overloaded.

Kids need to fit into todays society in whatever means they can.  They are getting expensive cars, cell phones, boats, and almost anything you can imagine.  The most accurate thought that I can come up with is that most parents need to BUY their childs love.

When I was growing up my parents wouldn’t give me a car.  That was unheard of in those days.  If you take a hard look at parents today, they act like children themselves.

I work in Seaside as a Security Guard for hotels, and I have stories that mostly have the same context to each other.  Kids get in trouble, and we have to legally call their parents.  Most times the parents don’t want to be bothered when you call.  They brush it off, and say that their child will have to take whatever comes with what they did.

This type of reaction comes from the children getting everything they want.

Another note… Parents that give everything to their child are in a way responsible for their childs actions.  When a child is on the road in a car (that they didn’t work for), chatting on a cell phone (that they didn’t need), and they get into an accident the law should take out some level of punishment on the parent.

The children of this day, and age know everything, and yet know NOTHING.  They couldn’t walk a day in most adults shoes if they tried.

Let’s all stop the madness, and be real parents.  Take the babysitters away.  What do you really expect to teach the elements of OUR futures?

What do you think of this situation?  Is this something that you feel different about?

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One Response to Children, Cell Phones, and “Parenting”

  1. The key to good parenting to me is involvement and dooing. Our family traveled together, did the day trips together, and even went out to real restaurants as opposed to fast food drive-bys together. People praised their manners and etiquette. They could have sat at any table and made us proud. Sometimes they complained we wanted too much while we watched them grow into responsible adults. The problem today is that too many parents want to be friends to their kids. That has to come later…. A good parent is a responsible one whose example guides the child to adulthood.

    Each of us can only try our best. We need to work on being a positive role model. We will, at times, fail but then we must keep trying. If one thing doesn’t work, there are other things to do instead. Being a good parent is a lifelong job that doesn’t end as some designated age.