Check Out This Showtime Sponsored Game

I recently found information that I wanted to share with everyone.  I play games on my computer from time to time.  I came across a game that Showtime is sponsoring.  Here is some information.

  • Fans playing the SHOWTIME-sponsored Dexter Game On at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con discovered the kill room of a new serial killer, who has been dubbed “The Infinity Killer” because of a symbol left in blood at the crime scene.
  • In addition to the grisly crime scene littered with mysterious clues, fans also encountered followers of The Serial Huntress, ex-FBI agent Dee Pratt. Touting “Justice By All” not only as her motto but also as “a new model for crime solving”, The Serial Huntress uses “crowdsourcing” techniques (via her website, as tools to hunt and apprehend serial killers. The Huntress and her crime-solving followers, who communicate through discussion boards and an ongoing video blog, hope that her “FBI experience, complemented with your collective wisdom, will make being a serial killer a lot more difficult than it used to be.”
  • In a seemingly related development, DEXTER fans have also discovered an increasing connection between The Infinity Killer and an online service, Sleep Superbly, whose website ( features dream optimization therapy sessions with an avatar therapist promising to help you “wake up feeling alive”. Fans have reported finding video sessions of a customer called “F8” that, while not confessional in nature, are filled with enough incriminating clues to connect him with the murders.
  • The evidence presented by The Serial Huntress, and video therapy sessions of “F8”, have helped fans uncover two victims thus far: identity thief Matthew Clarke (in San Diego) and drug dealer Santos Jimenez (in Miami); and it appears as though this is the tip of the iceberg as more victims are expected. To help new participants follow the investigation, an overview site has been established, Hunter Prey (, that beckons viewers to join in: “Hunter . . Prey . . . Let the game begin.”

Keep watching for more information, and possibly some contests / giveaways.

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  1. Dexter is not a good show to model values on.