Cheap Disney Memories/Souveniers

When most people visit Disney World, or DisneyLand, or any Disney Theme Park they bring along an autograph book. While autograph books are nice, I have actually put a little spin on that. While we vacation at the parks I look for the ultimate character photo opportunity. Finding characters by themselves, and in a good pose is a hard thing to do, but it can be done.

After I get the photos I will do any edits, or cropping to get the perfect print. I print the photos with our Kodak Easyshare Printer. When we get to Disney my daughter simply has the character sign the photo with a marker. While most children remember which character signature is which, some don’t. This is also a nice thing to do for children that are very young, and also to give as souveniers to children that may not have gotten to go to Disney.

Sounds a little cheap, but between the ink, paper, and the time to get the signature it really isn’t. Other items we have had signed are: hats, shirts, and other items.  If you need some good photos of the characters, then let me know, and I can help out.

The best one we had done was a Disney Vacation Club baseball hat that was signed by @10 assorted Disney characters while we were on the Disney Cruise.

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2 Responses to Cheap Disney Memories/Souveniers

  1. This planned souvenier is neither cheap nor easily if properly done. It takes the perfect shot, printing it properly on photo paper, and re-finding the character featured. Persistance pays as sometimes repeated visits are needed to do this. Yet it makes for a one-of-a kind gift instead of a mass marketed item.

    Here’s what to do:
    (1) Take a photo, digital preferrably, of the characters on display on floats or interacting with the audience.
    (2) Crop down to what suits your fancy. Keep this in proportion to your print size. Try leaving out background distractions.
    (3) Print it on photo paper–anything else looks shabby. If you don’t have the proper printer, consider going to a local drugstore or anywhere else that has the equipment and guarantees fast service.
    (4) Get an indellible pen in a dark color. Black works best as it is a good contrast to almost every color in the palet.
    (5) Put each photo in its own sleeve in a notebook.
    (6) Find the character you wish to ask for an autograph. Remember manners–pplease and thank you go a long way in reflecting things.

    Captured in time, this is truly a special gift. Its best part is that it really is unduplicable

  2. This seems like a little something different to give a little pizazz to repeat visits. Maybe something like a scavenger hunt would be good too…like take a photo with a cast member by Cinderella’s “house”. I’m really enjoying this blog as we get ready to book our vacation…for 11 months away!