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Trying Something New

I have always been a PS3 person.  Recently our nephew brought us a XBox home and asked me to sell it.  I knew enough about gaming systems to know that this unit wouldn’t be good for me unless it had a XBox wireless adapter because I don’t want to run anymore Cat5 cables.

I checked through everything that he had brought me and found that there was no wireless adapter.  I am now trying out the XBox to see how I like the experience.  I will let you know more once I have tried out a few games.

Gaming In My House Has Been Lagging

Ever since the Easter weekend shutdown of the Playstation Network I haven’t been able to play any of my favorite games on my Playstation 3.  My wife has been very thankful for this in some respects because she doesn’t have to worry about the machine gun sounds running through the living room, and oozing into the remaining parts of the house.  For quite some time she has been trying to convince me to get some wireless headphones, but I told her that they will not do because my headset would be a bit hard to wear and use.

Does anyone know of any sort of wireless headset that has a decent microphone in it so that I can get the best sound, and also be able to talk to the other players?

Can Anyone Explain The Purpose?

I am not a big gun person, but I do play quite a few FPS gun games.  In most of them the guns have multiple accessories.  One of the biggest accessories that I have seen on the guns in the games that I play is a holographic sight kind of similar looking to the eotech magnifier pictured below.  As a matter of fact in Call of Duty Black Ops you can even customize the colors, and shapes in the holographic sight.  What I don’t understand is the need for “holographic” images instead of the real thing.  When you are shooting you aren’t shooting holograms, so what is the purpose?

Keep in mind that I am a total rookie when it comes to guns, so please don’t think that I am asking a stupid question.  I am only asking because I honestly don’t understand.