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Disney DVC – Vero Beach

Here is some information about the Disney DVC Resort Vero Beach.


While I am a Disney lunatic, I am also a person that likes a good resort.  My family stayed at the Vero Beach resort last year prior to sailing on the 7 Night Disney Cruise.  The resort itself is very well kept, and “Slightly” Disney themed.  The rooms are designed in the “hotel” configuration that I refer to quite often.  While there are no characters to the best of my knowledge, the resort is mainly for the getaway vacation in my opinion.

When you leave the Vero Beach gates you enter into “Real World.”  We went out to get food, and find other activities, as in my impressions, there wasn’t much to do.  The drive to most places outside of the resort isn’t a short one either.
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Disney DVC – Boardwalk

Here is some information about the Disney DVC Resort Boardwalk.

This is one of those resorts that I refered to earlier in the series as a “Hotel Type.” The rooms are stacked, and the parking lot is far from the rooms. The hotel itself is very nicely laid out. When you walk into a hotel you go through a lobby, and then down long corridors to your room. This pretty much follows through with The Boardwalk.

The pool is themed around a old style amusement park.  Children, and adults of all ages seem to like the pool very much.  There is a “Boardwalk” that has activities, and shops.  There are boat launches to talk guests to Epcot.  The Boardwalk also has buses that transport guests throughout the property.  There is also a boat rental location that you can rent mini boats, full size pontoons, and water bikes.

Holidays in Disney are mind blowing.  During the Christmas holiday at there is a magnificent display of Gingerbread scenes throughout the main lobby.  Majority of the resorts have some sort of Gingerbread display on hand.  On Easter children from the resort gather on the rear lawn, and get to gather candy, make cookies, greet the characters, and much more.

Below you will find the Floorplans to the Boardwalk.

Boardwalk Studio Floorplan

  Boardwalk 1 Bedroom Floorplan

 Boardwalk 2 Bedroom Floorplan

 Boardwalk Grand Villa Floorplan

Disney DVC – Animal Kingdom Villas

Here is some information about the Disney DVC Resort Old Key West.

Animal Kingdom Villas is amongst the newest of the resorts on the DVC list. This resort is also amongst the “Hotel Type.” While the actual DVC rooms are not completed, Disney has refurbished some of the original rooms to be similar to what the DVC rooms are expected to be. Reservations for the resort are supposed to start for April occupancy.

The best feature I found with this resort is that you can walk onto your balcony, and see Live animals. (If you have a Savanah view) Waking up in the morning to watch animals from your window is by far one of the most amazing things that a person can do, in my impression.

The resort is themed around the African lifestyle. The pool is of good size, and enjoyable for children. There is a slide at this pool. Transportation by the Disney buses is great. The bus stop is a little off of the range of closeness to the resort entrance. There is a restaurant at the resort that serves up authentic foods for the theme.

Below you will find the floorplans to the Animal Kingdom Villas.

This is a rendering of the proposed Animal Kingdom Villas DVC building.