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Extra Insurance Savings For The Pool Owner

Having a swimming pool we expected to have an increase in our insurance a few years ago.  Recently we were looking for a new insurance company.  When we were doing the questions with them to determine our costs they asked about a pool.  Then they asked about a fence around the yard.  I told them that I had additional pool fencing directly around the pool other than our yard fencing.  The agent told me that she would look into if I could be eligible for an additional discount because I have double security.

Getting a new insurance carrier has been nice because they seem to want my business, and they did save me some money.

Kitchen Nightmares Amazes Me Again

What would you do if you went into a restaurant, and your server came over to your table with an item that looked like a phone and was doing stuff on it?  Well I know that I would be questioning the ethics that were in play.

I ask this because I just watched the most recent Kitchen Nightmares, and Chef Ramsey installed a new retail POS system into the restaurant.  In addition to that the servers were given a gadget that looked like a phone, but it was part of the system.

I love how technology has moved along, but sometimes moving technology too fast is a bad thing.

Looking Back At The Ocean County Fair Endeavor

I have never been a vendor at the Ocean County Fair before this year.  I have however been a patron of the fair.  This year there doesn’t seem to be as many dedicated people in the tents.  There are people that don’t show up for the whole day that ruin it for others.  On top of that they also don’t help their companies image because they can’t dedicate the time that they should, but they leave their awnings, and table skirts up and leave very early in the afternoon.  I guess all commission based bankers are the same.  They do what they want, and who cares what anyone else wants.

There is a window company, water softener company, and a few other companies here.  A good portion of the spaces are taken by Non-Profits.  The Democrats, and the Republicans were so close it isn’t even funny.  They should honestly try to get a bigger mix of businesses.  I fully see how it works.  People stop at my table to purchase, but then see a charity next to me.  Most of the people detour, and go to the next table to do the charitable thing.

I understand this, and donate my time too.  The fair committee just needs to rethink everything that they are doing.  I have a business spot that I paid a pretty sizable sum for.  I was surprised to find out that I have to close down, and open the tent flaps.  This would be fine if the flaps were for each vendor.  No… They are for 4-5 vendors.  There should be someone that comes and opens, and closes them.

I also noticed that ride tickets cost a small fortune.  I am understanding that some of the rides broke down.  With this in consideration they should have reduced the price of the ride tickets.