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My Personal Views About Our Government

For many years I have been a smoker.  My wife is also a smoker.  We have changed our lives to make our daughters life better.  We originally smoked in the house, but we stopped so that my daughter wouldn’t be adversely effected by the smoke.

With that being said… I have to say that I personally believe that the government takes action on things that they want out of the picture because they might not be making as much money as they would want.

Look at how New York tried to ban certain sized drinks.  It is not the governments place to tell us what size drink we can have.  We should be the smarter people to know what size we need, or want.  There are many facts that are not taken into consideration when you read actual statistics.  I am not saying that the statistics aren’t biased, skewed, or whatnot.  The numbers do not show how many people could have cancer due to water, environment, and many other things.  It is incredible how the politicians automatically make new legislature to slow down, or eliminate smoking.

The OUTSIDE is OUTSIDE.  If the government is going to come down on smoking then they need to actively enforce pollution from vehicles, factories, and other things.

Here are a few points in regards to this…

  • At the Disney World Resort you can smoke in secluded little areas so that you aren’t seen for the most part.  At the Disney World Resort you can drink anywhere you want.  (Magic Kingdom “Not Included”)
  • Same is true for many other amusement parks.
  • Certain towns have made it illegal to smoke in your own car if their is a child present.
  • Smoking at a park is illegal. 
  • Smoking in a restaurant is illegal.  (Even outside areas in most.)

Alcohol brings DWI’s, DUI’s, and accidents that can lead to death.  I have not heard of a case where smoking caused an accident that lead to death, but there may be one person out there that can’t handle their cigarette.  I personally believe that every single car that is manufactured should have a breathalyzer installed at the factory before shipping.  There would be a big response to this by the public, and the insurance companies would love the added values of it.  I am sure that there are ways to circumvent the process, but there are ways to make sure those measures aren’t deviated from.  When it comes to drinking at amusement parks, water parks, and such the key point to keep in mind is that alcohol isn’t something we want children getting involved with, but they allow adults to drink in front of children.  How hypocritical is that?  We don’t want the kids to see smoking happening, but we will allow them to see drinking going on.  Alcohol not only brings certain issues that we all know of, but it brings others that most people don’t think of.  Alcohol coming from glass containers can also be issued because of broken glass that causes flat tires, cuts, and deaths.  Sugar is not good for everyone, but I don’t see them taking that off the market, banning it, or limiting it.  Guns kill a lot of people too, but the government only fights their battles with the gun control laws when a major situation arises.  If everyone had a gun there would be a lot more thinking before shooting because you wouldn’t know what the other guy has.

The government has been allowed to take our freedoms away from us for too long.  When will we all stand up and fight for what we have?  If we don’t fight for our beliefs then we will have no beliefs in the end, and we will end up living behind a WALL like they had in Russia.  If you value your freedoms please start communicating with your congressman.

In all reality I would rather my child smoke over drink alcohol.

We Don’t Need No Stinking Lawn

Ever since before my mother in law passed we have tried numerous times to get a nice front lawn growing.  We have given up on this because no matter what we do we can’t get anything to grow short of weeds.  One of my customers came by and looked into why.  He told me that for the most part the soil we have is bad, and after he used a moisture analyzer said that I would need to do extensive watering if I was to ever get any sort of grass like sod.  My backyard gets some attention, but not much.  We don’t need grass to play horseshoes.

With this additional cost in play we have fully decided that we don’t need grass in the front yard.  We mow the weeds, and it looks nice for the most part.  I will not add anymore bills to my house.  I have finally gotten my electric under control, and I mean “UNDER” control.  Last month Constellation incorrectly billed us.  We got an adjustment bill today including this month, and it shows last month as a $0.  The new updated bill came to $63.  Last month there was no bill basically.

Some people have told me that I must not be reading something right, but the proof is in the bill…..

We like this, and hope that it continues in this manner.

Time To Go Green With Solar Energy

For the last few years I have been telling my wife that I would love to save us a little money by getting a solar system on the house.  Well, late last year I heard a commercial about getting a solar system for $0 down.  Keep in mind that as time goes on the cost for electricity goes up.  A few years ago electric was far cheaper than it is today, and delivery costs did not exist.

We called the company and within a few days a man came out to the house and went over all of the fine details.  After hearing his offer I decided to shop around and see what else was available to me.  I found another company that offered me a system with more GUARANTEED Killowats Per Year.  Sungevity gave me information that I didn’t have to decode, or have a science degree to figure out.

We started out with the web interface that pinpoints your house, and asks some general questions about your current electric.  Once that was completed I got a email back the following day with “Projected” system specifications.  In a lot of ways I found this easier than getting home insurance quotes, or even an rv insurance quote.  If your house is not feasible they will email you why, and you can decide on resolving the issue if you want to still go solar.  We then signed a contract based on those calculations.  (You are fully able to cancel the contract if anything isn’t as you desire in the next steps.)  The next step was to have a site inspection.  During the site inspection they check shading, roof, electric, and a few other things.

We signed our contract at the beginning of October 2011.  By the beginning of December everything was in line regarding paperwork, and permits were applied for.  When we came back from vacation the first week of January we were contacted to schedule our installation.  Last Friday the trucks rolled in and started the installation.  By the time all inspections were finished we came to today.  The system was tested out, and the only thing left is the interconnection to the utility system.  They are giving me an IPad 2 as part of their promotion.  The IPad 2 is coming with an app that will keep me apprised of my solar systems status.  There is NO Android app as of yet, but I already figured that out, and have the capability of seeing the info on my Android.  The installation crew was very nice, and did a very good job.  There were no problems, and they worked around us in every possible manner.

On top of those savings we also signed up with one of the subsidary utility rates.  Our electric is locked in currently at @11%.  In September we are going to change over to a different subsidary so that we can take advantage of lower rates again.

If you are thinking about saving some money on your electric feel free to ask me any questions you have.  I have done all the number crunching manually so that I could see for myself what I will be saving.  My numbers had nothing to do with anyones promises so noone set any expectations.

Here are my calculations…

You can do the same if you have your yearly KwH from your electric company, and you have calculated your yearly spending with your electric company.

  1. Last year I used @17400 KwH
  2. I spent $2962.59 for electric in 2011.
  3. I am being GUARANTEED @6100 KwH (Included with my lease)
  4. Multiply 6100 x JCP&L rate = PowerSavings
  5. Multiply 6100 x JCP&L delivery = Delivery Savings
  6. Add those 2 numbers together.
  7. Subtract those numbers from your yearly spent.
  8. Add your yearly lease cost.
  9. The final number is what you would have spent last year if you were on solar electric.
  10. We have come to calculations of @$500-600 savings after all costs. (This number does not include any extra electric that we generate over the 6100 KwH.  That electric is ours for FREE.)

Send me an email, or leave a comment here if you want me to send you a link so that you can benefit from the promotions that are running.  Currently they are offering a $500 bonus, and a IPad 2 if you are referred in by another customer.

My email is: JMarsden92@Comcast.Net

My Sungevity referral number is: 121828.  Use this number when going through the website for your IQuote.