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Stay Out Of Seaside Heights

I have been avoiding Seaside Heights for a few years now.  Ever since I stopped working as a private security guard I haven’t had the desire to go there.  I don’t even like to go to that town for work.  Well, recently I went to Seaside to check out a job that needed servicing.  When I got into the town I had a bad feeling.  I turned the corner one block from my destination, and saw a police car following me.  I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

A minute later I saw lights flashing behind me.  I pulled over, and asked the officer what I had done.  He said nothing, and that my vehicle wasn’t registered.  He advised me that the camera system on the car had run my plate.  I searched my paperwork to find that the dealership I purchased my truck from hadn’t taken the time to renew my registration.  The officer went back and talked to his supervisor about not towing the vehicle.  I only received a ticket.

Don’t you just love it when people don’t do the things that they belong doing?

Getting Married Brings Many Things

I have heard many different things over the years.  When someone is getting married spur of the moment without major notice, and finally announces it to lots of people there is sometimes the thought that you are pregnant.  I would assume it is because people think alike.  Usually I would think the same thing.

The woman is usually the one that takes the bad end of the stick.  She probably gets a bit concerned when many people ask if she is pregnant, and then she goes out and takes a pregnancy test.  There are a few times in life that a bride does have a child, but not by the married father.  Those times call for paternity tests to answer the real question.

Unique Or Mass Produced?

I have often wondered if some movie props were just another item, or if there was something special about them.  I know with Star Wars items they are unique.  When it comes to musical items I don’t believe the same thing to be true.

Musical items are probably mass purchased and used because they are not as expensive as things that need to be handmade.  The guitar from Wayne’s World was probably available at any Fender Stratocaster guitar center.

I have watched Comic Book Men and they have gotten in some pretty unique things that were mass produced, but worth some money.  I may try to take a vintage GI-Joe action figure to them to see what it is worth.