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Would They Be More Comfortable

I have often asked my wife what kind of clothes she would wear in case I decided to go out and purchase some for her. She is very picky, and won’t wear just anything. Each year I happen to see women wearing equestrian clothing around the county fair. Considering I don’t wear womens clothing I don’t know anything about comfort, or what they wear. I asked my wife if riding pants would be comfortable being horse riders wear them. She said that they are designed for riding horses.

With that being said she said that stretch jeans, and spandex are both very similar, and that she would stick to them. I was also further told to stop trying to be a sweet husband, and leave the clothing shopping to her. Knowing that I don’t like shopping I have decided to do exactly what she asks. I will just have to leave shopping for my daughters clothes, my clothes, and her own clothes to my wife.

My Wife Tries Too Hard

Anyone that knows my wife knows that she tries to hard to fix everyones lives.  She is constantly giving advice, and trying to counsel people that she knows.  If she had any sort of training I would tell her to look into Psychiatric Aide jobs.  Then again on the other hand we know someone that tried for something similar and it doesn’t seem to have panned out to us.

I don’t try to help anyone that I can’t give factual information to.  I also don’t try to help anyone that doesn’t want the help, or anyone that wastes my time by doing what they want in the end.

Do you have anyone in your family that is like my wife?

What To Get That Special Someone…

Each and every year I am puzzled with the time old question “What do I get my significant other?”  Well, after all these years I have listened to my wife about things that she doesn’t want, but she never tells me what she does want.  I have been looking for anything that she will actually use.  Things like spa treatments, hair stylings, and teddies just aren’t up her alley.

I have been noticing a bit more that she is enjoying cooking a bit more than she used to.  I am trying to find just the right kitchen appliance for her.  She has almost everything, and that is where the problem lies.  Now I have to figure out the other time old question of “What do you get for someone that has everything?”

I am open to suggestions.