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Black Friday Shopping Is Coming

Each year I dread what comes the day after Thanksgiving.  I have only gone out one time for Black Friday, and that was last year.  That trip was strictly a favor for someone because I had a truck that they needed to use.  With the holidays coming my wife is continually on the computer looking up Black Friday ads.  She also loves looking for sales.

She found one of the more popular Black Friday sites and started looking through the specials.  She always checks Target coupons on a regular basis.  She found one or two things that are the same price either way you purchase.

Some retailers just don’t realize that their specials are almost their everyday price.  Best Buy is doing a IPhone special.  $99 when you sign a new contract for 2 years.  Well… That is the same deal if I go there right now and purchase.

Here is my advice… Stop trying to rip everyone off, and just take care of the customers the right way.

Too Many Different Shopping Days To Remember

When I was a child I don’t remember hearing of half of these “Shopping Days” that have been coming up.  I know that Black Friday has been around forever.  The other ones seem to be appearing continuously.  There is the online version of Black Friday… Pink Friday.  I just read about another that I have never heard of that is Green Monday.

Why can’t retailers just leave everything alone and run the specials without all these wacky names?

I Leave The Shopping To My Wife

My wife has already started to do her Christmas shopping.  This is because she is probably one of the best bargain shoppers that I know.  My mother can’t even do some of the saving that my wife does.  I told my wife that shopping in a store isn’t always a savings.  She is learning about the internet more, and more each year.nbsp; I asked her to research some photo frames online because I am thinking of getting something personalized, and local stores want a fortune for this type of gift.

I wouldn’t have minded getting digital photo frames for everyone, but most of my family has one, and on top of that many of my family would probably just delete the pictures, and use it for their own photos.  A custom made picture frame can’t be used for just anything.

What are your thoughts on this?