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Trying Everything

I am not an overweight person as far as I am concerned.  My doctor has said that I need to lose a little bit, but never gave me the impression that there was a problem.  In the effort to try and help my wife with her weight loss I decided to walk with her when she walks.

Everyone seems to wonder why.  They ask if I trust her, and things like that.  I explain that I don’t truly know of any safe weight loss pills, and that we are both working together to lose a bit of fat.

The walking works until it gets hot like it is now, and then we just don’t do it.  I have tried asking the wife if she wants to go to the mall to walk… BUT not buy.  This usually sparks an argument.

Funny part of us is that we have a large in ground pool, but no one uses it.  Pools are very good at helping weight.

Just Say No

For one week we had to eat at the mercy of the ships cook of the cruise that we were on.  Well, if they didn’t serve such good food, then we wouldn’t be feeling so guilty right now.  We had been joking about trying to find the exercise room on the ship, but we never noticed it anyway.  For our purposes the best muscle supplements would have come in handy.

Here is the only suggestion that I can make.  Just eat one.  In my case I had to have 2 servings of some of the dishes.  They were so good.  I must admit they were small servings, but my wife says that Disney does good at making their food look large in portions.

Stop Complaining

Tonight my wife came to me and started complaining that she was out of the protein powder that she uses.  Last year she found a protein powder that she sprinkled on her foods, and it helped her get the necessary protein that was needed to help with her weight loss.

I told her that she needed to stock up a bit more, and not wait till last minute.  After that she proceeded to dig up the diet that she was using from when her mother was alive.  I never felt the diet actually worked, and I told her many times back then that she should just find diet pills that work instead of goofing off with this diet that always left her hungry.