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Disney DVC 2010 Point Changes

While I am a loyal Disney Vacation Club member, I must state my opinion on a topic that has seemingly put a lot of DVC members in a rage.

Here is my question… How would a body of people appeal this type of decision?  Disney seemingly does everything behind closed doors.  Look at what they did with the smokers, and DVC resorts…  (read that article HERE)

Disney Vacation Club for many years has had their points schedules structured towards weekday use.  (Sunday night through Thursday night)  It came to public knowledge that DVC has changed this structure starting in 2010.
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Disney & DVC Vacation Planning

I am making a list of sites that have tools to help in planning Disney DVC vacations.  While there are many out there, I don’t have the resources to find all of them.  If you have one, then comment here, and I will make sure it gets into my listing.  Here are a few that I have.

DVC Bay Lake Tower

I don’t know much about this resort, as it isn’t open yet, but here are some videos that I have found on it.

and here is another.