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Reviewing Policies We Have Established

We are bloggers that respect what we do, and what companies allow us to do.  Well, I have read stories about bloggers that do things just to get something for nothing.  When we started blogging we knew that for the first 6+ months that we wouldn’t make anything because we were too new, and needed to form our readership.  Now that we are established we get a lot of offers that we just honestly turn down.  We do have a few people that we are related to that will help us out with reviewing things when we are given the opportunity.  In general if it wasn’t for those people we wouldn’t review a lot of things we are offered.

I do a lot of the PR contacting, and as such I reply to the requests.  My wife has had some requests that just wouldn’t do her any good, and I don’t just review anything unless it is something I am somewhat interested in.  The most recent thing was she was able to review some fitness supplements.  We asked my brother in law that is into sports if he would do a Force Factor review, but he didn’t want to try out just anything that he has never dealt with.

If you are a blogger have you ever reviewed anything just to review it?  Do you think that doing this is wrong?

Mobile Viewing Is Running

We have been trying to implement a better way of viewing our site from mobile phones.  I am proud to annouce that this site is now fully mobile friendly.  Just navigate to the site like normal, and if you want to see the full site just scroll to the bottom, and turn off the mobile view.

I realize that many people do surf from their phones, so this was a key step in making the site more accessible.

Thanks to the WPTouch plugin this is all possible.

Getting Organized

Getting organized is sometimes a job in its own.  In our house we need to get organized enough to get organized.  I bring you just a few tips courtesy of The Joyful Organizer thanks to Bonnie Joy Dewkett.  To get the whole thing click the following link. download: HomeOrganizationGuide.pdf (119.88KB)
added: 28/01/2011
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description: A Home Organization Guide by the Joyful Organizer courtesy of Bonnie Joy Dewkett.

For more tips please visit TheJoyfulOrganizer site.