Candy You Don’t See Much

My daughter likes to joke around a lot, and we are starting to learn that a bit more.  Well, our daughter came home the other day from a friends house, and told us she had been given some gold coins.  She said that she wanted to do something with them so that she could cash them in.  We asked to see them, and she played around, and didn’t want to show them to us.  Eventually she came around, and showed us a net bag with the coins.  In a quick glance they looked like money, but after I looked at them I saw that they were actually candy coins.  I used to get these types of coins when we went to Disney, hotels, and some other places.  Seeing these coins made me remember the past, and when places actually gave things like this.

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One Response to Candy You Don’t See Much

  1. At Hannukah celebrations this play gelt (money) is often used with the dredel to play (gamble too).