Cancer Isn’t Newsworthy Anymore?

In todays day, and age you read about all sorts of lawsuits that are going on.  Some have to do with injuries, and some have to do with other things.  Everyone is out to get a fast buck no matter who is actually at fault.   The things that you don’t read about are lawsuits dealing with cancer from asbestos.  This is known as Mesothelioma.  These people deserve to receive money for what has happened.    Back some time ago I remember reading about these cases on almost a daily basis.  Well, that is not true anymore.

This is from the National Cancer Institute… “Mesothelioma (cancer of the mesothelium) is a disease in which cells of the mesothelium become abnormal and divide without control or order. They can invade and damage nearby tissues and organs. Cancer cells can also metastasize (spread) from their original site to other parts of the body. Most cases of mesothelioma begin in the pleura or peritoneum.”

Being as it is more than possible for it to become a malignant mesothelioma I would have thought there would be more of these lawsuits in the public eye.  I would have thought this because people want to prove things to the workplace that this happened in so that it doesn’t happen again, and also for some sort of payment because most people with mesothelioma will never get rid of it.

I feel bad for people that have cancer, no matter what type.  Cancer is something that is plaguing our world.

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3 Responses to Cancer Isn’t Newsworthy Anymore?

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  3. I actually know someone who has a son who suffers from this terrible form of cancer.
    They should be compensated to the fullest extent.