Camping With The Family Car

We got a camper from my parents last year.  When we got it we tried to decide which vehicle would be used to transport the travel trailer to its destination when needed.  We decided that we would use the family KIA.  This was based largely on the comfort level that we would want during the trips.

When I got the travel trailer I had to get all sorts of gadgets like electric brakes, harnesses, tow hitch, and more.  I take getting auto accessories for granted at times because I used to work on cars, and got the parts fairly cheap because of my job.

I am finding more, and more that most of the accessories out on the market have a pretty hefty pricetag.  I think it is because the manufacturers know that their item is necessary, and people will pay for that item.

What major modification have you made, and did you have to pay through the nose for the parts?

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