Camping Timeshare?

I got a call the other day from the campground that we normally stay at.  The manager was telling me about a new promotion that they were going to be offering.  Basically the promotion was $1000 for unlimited stays at any campground that they are part of.  This would be nice if we camped out a bit more than we do.  The biggest factor that pushes me away is that I have a timeshare, and I can’t afford to camp all that much currently.  This would be great if I could justify @20 nights of camping.  This calculation was arrived at by figuring @$50 per night.  The other thing that pushed me away is that I would still have rv towing to do.  The camper has to get there somehow, doesn’t it?

We talked last year about camping a bit more, and even thought of upgrading our current camper.  Money was a bit tight, and planning a cruise in April made us decide that we couldn’t afford to do that right now.  Eventually we do want to upgrade out of the current camper we are in because it is a bit small, and I would like to be comfortable when I camp.

What do you think about offers like this?  Would you take it if you thought you might use it?

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One Response to Camping Timeshare?

  1. How many years for the 1K?