Camping In New Jersey

I personally just got into the camping scene this past year, so I don’t know of that many campgrounds in New Jersey that are family quality.  We have stayed at the 2 Jellystone resorts so far.  The Elmer Jellystone was nice, but a little off the beaten road, making it so a person would have to hunt to find a store if anything is needed.  The Mays Landing campground was nice, and had a lot of stores nearby, but they don’t have as many things to do for the family, in comparison to the Elmer location.

I realize that each location isn’t supposed to immitate another, but one of the notable things missing was the “family” dining area.  The swimming pools were both nice, and the rentals were about equivalent.

If you know of any real nice campgrounds, then please comment me, and let me know about them.

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