Camper Upgrades I Want

Getting ready for the camping that we are going to be doing hasn’t been as bad as the first year.  I don’t have as much to do to the camper, but there is still stuff to do.  I have been trying to convince my wife that there are certain things that I really want for the camper.  She always evaluates them to decide if we will get them.  While I would really like a bigger camper I realize that that will not happen this year.

To start off we have decided on getting a water heater.  The last few times we went camping we had to boil water, and then let it sit so that we could wash dishes.  Showering isn’t a necessity in the camper, as they have showers at the places we go.  Next I want to get a electric jack for the camper.  Have you ever seen the industrial hand wheels that you spin to make something happen?  Well, that is the feeling that I get everytime I have to jack up the camper.

Last year I put a flat panel tv, refrigerator, and more into the camper.  We don’t really have anything else major to do to it.  We use it 2-3 times a year, and hopefully we will get to use it more down the road.  Money determines everything.

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