I have been a technology person since I met my wife, as I could finally spend my money for what I wanted. What I can’t understand is why everyone has to have the newest toys.

Camcorders have evolved drastically.  They started with 8mm reel type, then went to vhs, vhsc, 8mm tape, mini dvd, mini dv, and now hard drive.

I personally know about technology, and what it can do, so my final findings are what counts for a lot of my customers when they ask me what to do.

Hard drive camcorders are the newest, but not the greatest.  Think about it… if a hard drive fails, where is all your information going?  Same as a computer… GONE.

I will still trust a tape machine over hard drive for as long as I have the capability.  I just purchased a Sony DCR-HC52.  That camcorder has a lot of options that are key for the technology person.  I have a firewire port, which a lot of the hard drive cameras don’t have.  The firewire port makes it easy to transfer to a computer that has a firewire connector.  More of the hard drive camcorders have USB.  USB doesn’t transfer as efficiently, and some software doesn’t recognize USB.

Make your own choice, but make sure you think about the future.  If my camcorder dies, I can always take the tape, and have someone transfer it.  If a hard drive camcorder dies, Well… You are basically out of luck.

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One Response to Camcorders

  1. I’ve had four motion picture cameras in the last four decades. Evolving technology is the biggest reason why. From my old 8 mm reel Yashika to the big vhs that almost required a dolly to transport, to the light, compact RCA 8mm tape, to my current 30 gb with 35X optical zoom JVC HDD camcorder hybrid that records7 to 37 hours in four different modes.

    I made each change because of convenience and recording quality. I checked out ones like you purchased. I decided I did not want to have to rely on tapes. The whole family has shared tapes which were made on great trips. And since we all got the same model (in different colors of course burgandy, royal, and silver), we even put them together.

    It may have cost a few dollars more but I really believe it will save lots in the long run.