Buzz: Quiz TV

I got my family Buzz: Quiz TV for christmas.  My wife knew with how much I enjoy my PS3, and how much we could really use some valuable family time that we could use a family game for the PS3.

Buzz: Quiz TV is a game that is sold with 4 “Buzzers”, and has @ 5000 questions.  Additional add-on packs are available through the PSN. (Playstation Network)

Each person gets a buzzer, and there are different game challenges in Buzz.  There are numerous game modes in Buzz.

Pass The Bomb, Pie Fight, and that is only 2 of the challenges.

The game modes are:

Sofa vs. Sofa – Online play against other people on the internet

Multiplayer – Play with a total of 4 people

Solo – Play against the computer

You can also go ahead and make your own questions to be played in the game.

I give the game a 10 out of 10.

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