Bonefish Grill Review

I was given the opportunity to review a restaurant known as Bonefish Grill.

Bonefish Grill started up in St. Petersburg, Fl in 2000.  There are now @150 locations throughout the U.S. 

We decided to review a location in Florida, as we were away onvacation, and wanted to see what it was like.  Finding a good restaurant in Orlando has been hard for us because we don’t live there, but knowing that there are Bonefish Grills in a lot of places makes it so we can visit them again closer to home.  I have had some steaks, and food at other restaurants, and the biggest difference between them, and Bonefish is in large part the environment.  A lot of places gain a name, and then they sometimes allow the food quality to decrease, and the price to increase.  For a restaurant being @9 years old I can see that they are obviously doing things right.

We went to the Bonefish Grill located at 7830 West Sand Lake Road, Orlando.  We met up with our friends that were vacationing with us.  Reservations aren’t required, but our party consistedof 7 people so we decided to make them.  When we got there we were immediatelly greeted, and seated.  The restaurant was nicely layed out.  We were left with a basket of bread, and we almost immediatelly finished it because we were so hungry.  I ordered steak, wife had chicken with goat cheese, and my daughter had chicken tenders.  I was offered a salad, but I don’t like most salads at restaurants.  The food arrived very quickly.  We had no problems with any of the food that we ate.  The prices were very reasonable.  The service was great for the most part.  It may have been a bit slow a few times during dinner.

I rate the restaurant as follows… 9 for food, and 8 for service.  I would eat there again in the future.

I think Bonefish Grill will last to be among the top restaurants.

You too can enjoy Bonefish Grill.  Check out their website, and find a location near you.

We received a gift certificate to Bonefish, and we were asked to review the restaurant.  Receiving the gift certificate had no influence on our review.

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