Blogging Solution For the Newbie

Attention all of you out there that are looking to blog, or already do…

I was hunting for a cheap source for people to go to when they want a blog that wouldn’t cost them much.  I came across Yovia.  With them you can Earn extra money by blogging.  If you are trying to earn money, or just blog about something, then this is an opportunity for you.

The Yovia system is still in Beta stage, but only a limited number of people will be accepted.

Blogging isn’t hard if you are setup correct.  The system is a WordPress system.  WordPress blogs seem to be the easiest to use that I have tried, or reviewed.  There is a rather large selection of plug-ins, and themes for WordPress blogs.

My wife recently started blogging, and she has just achieved a PR2, and has been taken on by a few companies already.  If you don’t know what blogging is all about, then give it a try, and who knows… Maybe you could earn some money at it, or even get to review products for companies.  Blogging is basically articles about something, someone, or anything that you want.  It can be opinion, fact, or complaints.  Well… Actually It can be on just about whatever you choose.  There is no incorrect way to blog.

I have been blogging for @6 months, and it is a mind clearing experience.



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3 Responses to Blogging Solution For the Newbie

  1. Pat…All 3 of ours are PR2.

  2. PR2–what’s yours?