Blogging & Money for the beginner

While I am NO expert at blogging I have found a lot of information, and also received a lot of critical help from another professional blogger.

I am going to try and break this down into simple sections to help you speed up your site, and make it user friendly.

My sites brought considerable traffic within the first 30 days because I had gotten tied in with a site that allowed me to publicize discretely in exchange for a prominent link back to their site.

I have made a OK amount of money from my affiliate accounts.  I am rather new at Pay Post, but those are where the future lies I believe.


Domain names:

If you are using any of the sub-domain type blogs, then you probably already know that many of the advertising / Pay Post sites will not allow a blog of that type to participate.  Get yourself a domain name.  If you are looking for a cheap hosting company, then you can check out MyBlogsHome.Com.

Search Engine & Sitemaps:

Make sure that you have joined Google.  Once a member you can use Analytics (Site Traffic System), and Ad Sense (Make money from ads on your site), and the Webmaster Tools (Sitemap submissions, etc.)

Submit your site to as many search engines that you can.  You can never be part of too many search engines.


If you have a site that has to check with the site database too much, then your site will be slow.  Look at your main page, and think about the placement of things that you have in your widgets.  Also look at how many advertisements you have.  Most of the Pay Posting sites do not like a lot of other advertisements.

What I did to my sites was that I put all of my advertisements on a specific page that is linked from the main page.  It may not be prime real estate, but unless someone is paying you large dividends, then you really don’t need them on the front page.


Most of this section is relevant to sites that have been up a minimum of 90 days, and have achieved a PR2.  Page Rank is very important, so make sure your site isn’t lacking for those initial months.  Until you achieve a PR2, most of the decent systems won’t even let you submit your site.

Pay Post…  is short termed by me.  This is when a advertiser has a task for you to publish an article, or whatever that has a direct link back to their site.

Pay Per Click… is when a site gets paid small amounts of money whenever someone clicks on a link, banner, or whatever is set up.

Affiliate Systems… are text links, banners, etc.  for a product, or store that when clicked tell ad advertiser that a specific customer came from your site.  The site will receive a % based on whatever they have in their agreement.

If you are interested in making money with your blog, then make sure you join as many of the Pay Post sites that you can find.  Read further for a listing of the sites that I use, and have found to be helpfull.  I have some listed below, but there are others at my money making info.

EntreCard is another site that will help your visibility.  You drop “cards” on other sites that have a box for dropping, and others can drop “cards” on your sites box.

Here is a list of some of the sites you can market with for the above…

BlogsVertise, Smorty, PayPerPost, WidgetBucks, Chitika, LinkAdAge

Other money making:

You may want to try to make money in other ways until your site is ready.  I have listed those sites here, as well.

InBoxDollars, Yuwie,


Be sure to visit other sites that have direct affiliation to your type of site.  Leave comments, and interact with the site.  A site that has knowledge of your site is never bad.  You can gain backlinks to your site based on that sites requirements.

Join blogcarnivals.  Join forums.  Most forums allow their users to place their site information in their signature.  This will allow other people to visit your site when they view your profile.


While there is no right, or wrong there is a standardized thought process.  The more you post, the more the search engines see your site.  The more tags, and keywords you use, the more you will be found in search engines.


In summary, if you are going to try and market your site, then make sure you read this article carfully.  I am not saying you must do each thing that I say, but these tips will help.  These are tips that came from another blogger that did me a favor, and reviewed my site to assist in me getting better at what I am doing.

I post on average 3-4 times a week, but I am posting 3-4 articles each of those times.

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  7. Very informative. Luckily I have a mentor who guides me through the process. I wish someone would come up with a spell check for comments because I am getting old and can’t easily see what I touch type.