Blogging Contests & Me

I never did understand the big thing about blogging, and the contests on blogs when I first found out about blogging. I thought the prizes would be odds, and ends. Well, I was greatly disproven when I saw what some people were winning.

I got my blog up, and running.  I gained a lot of my traffic because of my niche.  I ran contests from the second month up, and they continue on almost monthly currently.  Blogging is a great release from the reality of the real world when you need it.  You could have the worst day in the world, but when you get home, and see that your blog got great comments, or you won a prize from a blog contest, then your mood will change.

I entered a contest over at TheDirtyShirt.  I entered to win a Seagate Free Agent Theatre Player System.  Thank you again TheDirtyShirt.



Final thoughts… Blogging can be relaxing, profitable, and very surprising. 

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2 Responses to Blogging Contests & Me

  1. Pat…I never realized what I could really do with a blog.  It is good enough that wife is doing it now, also.

  2. You were lucky. I remember how you poked fun and insults at family bloggers.