Blogging, and Shameless Money Making

Years ago I laughed at my sister when I heard about Blogging initially.  After I thought about it, and realized that it isn’t as I thought it was I got a blog.  My sister, and mother both blog, and I tell you that my sister is very good at what she does.  I only wish that she would have been more guiding in the beginning, and now.  I didn’t get their permission, so I won’t put their links here at this point.

I have been noticing more, and more the different types of blogs that are coming out.  I started this blog because it was to be a blog on everything.  Then I found that I had a lot of Disney information, so I started DisneyContestBlog.  After that I got GameBlogs4U going because my daughter, and I are very experienced in video games.  My wife, and I both put together ReviewsBlog4U to be the central housing of all of the reviews we do.  My wife has a standard mom blog (MomsBlogs4U).  We don’t do shameless lists of links because that isn’t a blog in my book.

These were great ideas, but I am noticing more blogs being started for the sole purpose of making money.  There are vacation rental blogs, medical blogs, and now I am noticing a jump in people doing a carinsurancelist blog.  I am not going to blog just to make money.  I have seen many blogs that are overwhelmed with links, and buttons to something they are trying to promote.  Ours will not be that way.  Yes, we promote each other, but very little promotion of product.  Sometimes blogging helps me relieve stress, or just get something off my mind.

Do you have a blog, and what was your inspiration?

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