Blackberry MobiShark Is Garbage

MobiShark is software that allows a person with a Blackberry to connect to the internet on their laptop without additional cost.  I am a person that always tries out something when there is a demo available.  I tried MobiShark back a few months ago, and decided that since I was going away I would need the full version because I wouldn’t be able to get it once I was gone.

I got the software, and installed it.  When I got to where I was going I tried out using it.  Let me tell you this outright… The software is a piece of garbage, and doesn’t work correctly.  I contacted them for a refund, and all they keep telling me is that they don’t issue refunds for things that have demos available.  I had contacted them within 2-3 days of purchase.  It wasn’t like I tried to get a refund 6 months later.  They say that I had the option to use the demo version, but what they fail to understand is that the demo version is limited, and how can you purchase the demo once you are off the grid.

I can’t understand how any company can have a policy like that.  I would probably venture a guess that the testimonials came from friends maybe, as real people could never be so brainwashed.

Personally I would recommend Tetherberry.

So… Once again… What did we learn today class???  Do not purchase software from the MobiShark company, as it moves slower than a snail, and they won’t refund your purchase if you have problems.

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