Blackberry & IPhone Users…

I found something that each, and every Blackberry & IPhone user needs.

Today I pranked my parents, and my neighbor.  They honestly thought that I was someone else, and had no clue because the phone number threw them off.  I never got to purchase a account, but seeing how much fun this will be to use I am reconsidering purchasing.

123Spoof is a service that enables users to change their caller-id, voice, and do other things.

If you have a Blackberry, or IPhone, then go to 123Spoof.Com.  You can do a download of the software, and start having fun.  Each use is limited to 2 minutes maximum.  If you want more time, then just become a account holder.

For other phone users you can go to 123Spoof, and test their services, or become a account holder.

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