Been Trying To Help With Housework

Most of the time I used to leave a lot of the miscellanous housework to my wife.  This was mainly because I would be on the road all day, and she would be home.  Now that my wife is working with me I have been trying more, and more to help out with some of the work that she used to do.

I do the dishes whenever possible.  I also cook when I am in the mood.  Doing clothes will always remain in her agenda.  I have done things like iron clothes in the past, but only when I can find one of the ironing boards.

During the summer I maintain the pool, and help her with the yard.  We have been trying to get the little one to help out a bit more, but without threatening to take away a phone, or computer it is hard to get her to cooperate.

Do you help out with the housework?  Was anything different in the past?

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  1. Your father worked beside me in both house and childcare even when both of us worked full-time jobs plus.

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