Battlefield… What’s Next?

For those of you that are into FPS (First Player Shooters), then I can imagine that you have played Battlefield at least once.  Most of you probably still play Battlefield.

I began playing Battlefield on the Playstation 2.

The title is Battlefield: Modern Combat.

For todays gamer the graphics in this game were not as good as they are now, and being that most of the Playstation 3 units that are still out aren’t backwards compatible, the game has more than likely lost interest.

The newest title is Battlefield: Bad Company.

In Battlefield: Bad Company you are part of a squad of soldiers that have gotten a bit sidelined in their duties.  Why you ask.  They have found out that there is gold, and they want it.

This is a trailer for Battlefield: Bad Company

The internet play is great in comparison to Modern Combat.  There are still issues that never got worked out.  I can imagine that this is because the newest Battlefield is due out around December 2009.  The new title is Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The only trailer available to date can be found below.

While Battlefield is a great PS2 / PS3 / XBox game there is also another side to the series of games.  There is also a PC series that is also great to play.

The Battlefield 2 series for the PC was the only one I actually played.  There were many things to do, and a lot of action.  In the PC version there was a Commander feature that really made the game stand out.

EA / Dice has taken at least one of the levels from the Battlefield 2 game, and made them part of a new game that will be available from the Playstation store in June 2009 for $14.99.  Below you will find a trailer for that game.

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  1. I wish I had time for games.