Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Electronic Arts is releasing a sequel in the Bad Company series.  While not many pieces of information have been released anywhere, I would get the feeling that a lot of the previously “squashed” issues are going to be implemented.

Clan Support, Mic Issues, Private Game Rooms, just to name a few of those issues.

Here is the only image that I can find for the game.


The original Bad Company added the element of an almost fully destructable environment.  A level of reality was also something that could be found in this game, in comparison to other FPS (First Player Shooter) games that take place in the future, or have weapons that are so unheard of.

See you on the Battlefield… Well, it is being shipped on 12/31/09 according to their Pre-sales information.

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3 Responses to Battlefield: Bad Company 2

  1. I’m sure my husband would enjoy this….
    I kinda glad he doesn’t have a lot of free time
    because he probably would be addicted to it!

  2. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it, and I am sure others do, but I am sure that is why you post the information. (For those that do.)
    Battlefield: Modern Combat was good, Battlefield: Bad Company was better.

  3. With demos available people should check out their own toy selections. What fits you may not fit others.