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The name of the company has been removed to protect the innocent, or the guilty.

I went to work for a company in July of last year.  I was hoping to make a mark, and move my way into a decent position with the company.  I realized around Thanksgiving that I wouldn’t be moving up the chain very fast, if at all.  I am currently hoping something happens that will change my outlook on the matter.  I am going to go back to running my company for the time being.

If you have any jobs in south jersey, then please let me know.  I am @15+ years experienced in management, and references are available.  I am not high priced, but I do not want to be taken advantage of.

I do have one thing for everyone to see.  (Most of them got this sent to them on the last night I was there, but this is for anyone else.)

This was an inside joke, but for those curious… For the ENTIRE time I was at my job I was Part Time, and the TOP performing salesperson without question.  I was given the name “Big Dawg”, and on my last night I found a UNO card outside the store.  I had to tape it to my locker because on my last night it was stated by someone that “Noone will be able to beat my numbers for the night.”  Nobody was emphasized rather well.  WELL… I did.  Elvis left the building.  One last miracle was performed.

Thanks Big T, Big B, and J.S. for giving me the opp to work for the company.

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2 Responses to Back To The Daily Grind

  1. Terrance…Thanks for everything.  I hope you, and the store succeed.

  2. You are a hard worker, and deserve everything that you are looking to get. I know I will not forget how you work.