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Now that I am no longer with Sony I have put my full attention into my business once again.  I have found that it is hard to run a business when you are working another job, and this is why I am back to business as usual.  In the past I would take a customers call, and write the information on a calendar so I would easily know what I would be doing from day to day.  Recently I found the need to look into project management software.  This is the kind of software that could make my job easier.

I have never used this type of software in the past because I am very efficient in paperwork, and bookkeeping.  I don’t want to lose control of my business again, so I think that it is time that I make some major changes in how I have done things in the past.  I got to where I am because of the customer service levels that I give to ALL of my customers.  Everyone gets treated equally.

I have been doing computers, tvs, and more for @ 15+ years, and my business is still running.  It may not be running as strong as I would want, but the economy isn’t helping that much.  I do not have the option of allowing my business to fail, so 100% of my efforts go into it with each, and every customer I encounter.

I started with computers, and moved into home theaters.  From there I branched into security cameras.  I am a Authorized Sirius, and DirecTV dealer.  If you are in New Jersey, and need a reliable technician, then please feel free to let me know if you need any questions answered.

Have you ever tried to run a business, and had it fail?  What was the cause?

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One Response to Back To Business

  1. My husband and I tried to start a registered cleaning business when we were younger.
    There was too much involved to start it up so we abandoned the idea.
    We did clean for people/businesses from word of mouth which worked out pretty good.