Automobile Pricing –> Big Cuts

I was just pricing cars today to see how much the economy has changed, and I got a few shocks.  When it comes to automobiles there usually isn’t much room to play with price.  It appears that even the automobile makers have their limits on when they have to run promos, and discounts.

I bought a Kia Sorento for my wife for @$12000 from a used car dealer.  The car had low miles, and still had the warranty.  I priced a brand new car both locally, and through Yahoo Autos, and saw that I could get a NEW Kia Sorento for just a little bit more.  When we purchased her car the price was lower than anyone could offer for the same year, and @ mileage.

This economy has got to turn around, or a lot of us are going to be in some serious trouble.

Check out the pricing of cars for yourself…

Yahoo! Autos

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