ATV Riding In New Jersey

I have been going back, and forth with my wife about what we are going to do with my atv.  We could use the money, but she also doesn’t want me to just get rid of it, and regret it later.  The problem I have is that I only have access to 1 location in New Jersey to ride, and that is my uncles property.  If it wasn’t so far to travel to I would go there to use the quad.

Here’s the reason why I am unsure of what to do.  A few years ago New Jersey had a Offroad Park for those of us with motorcycles.  The State had their hand in closing the park, and now many lost a legal place to do their atc, mortorcycle, and atv riding.  What I don’t understand is why they would do this.  Those of us that ride our cycles for fun don’t cause any problems, and also don’t damage other peoples property.

Many years ago I used to ride in the dirt pit behind my neighborhood, but a few bad mannered kids ruined it for everyone.  The kids would ride their cycles with no mufflers, tear up everything, and also cause mischief.  This eventually caused Berkeley Township to get a few quads of their own so that they could apprehend violators.

Have you ever had a quad, and what do you think of the situation?

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One Response to ATV Riding In New Jersey

  1. Faced with the same situation with a quad little if ever used–let me know if you find anything more.