Anti-Virus Software and Your Computer

How many of you are really tired of a laggy computer?  How many of you are tired of all the things that pop-up when you are doing something?  Well, speaking from 13 years experience on computers I can tell you that it gets annoying to see this.

For those of you that don’t know… Norton, and McAffee are memory hogs.  Not only that, but they take over your system, and slow it down to snails crawl.  Further note… If you are using a FREE version of either one, then I know that you thought you were fully protected.  Well, you aren’t.

The FREE versions are stripped down versions of the retail copies.  They look, and feel like the real thing, but they are not.  Why would a company give away FREE copies when they sell the same thing?  That’s because it is the stripped down model.

I have the solution for you, and I have many customers that will back what I say.

ESET Nod32 is by far the most reliable anti-virus software that I have evalutated, and promoted in my business.

Most software packages run @ $50 per year.  Well, I have news… Nod32 is giving the software for a 2 year license at $89.99.  The software is a direct download after purchasing.

One of my most recent customers contacted me, and told me that they were ever so happy that I had directed them to this software, as it runs almost invisible. The built in firewall applications, and spyware detectors are just part of the icing.

Click on the button below for a discounted rate on the software.

ESET Smart Security - Save 25%

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One Response to Anti-Virus Software and Your Computer

  1. I don’t understand about computers. I just use them for typing.
    Thank yu for the info though. I will pass it on to my other experts, Hubby and Bunny, since you already know it all.