Another Site 4 U

Just like when I decided to put all of my Disney related articles on their own site I have decided to put all of my video gaming articles on their own site.

You can hop on over to GameBlogs4U.Com to see the new site.  This site will be about almost anything dealing with the gaming industry.

My family of sites includes:

  1. DisneyContestBlog
  2. JSComputerNJ
  3. JSComputer Deals
  4. GameBlogs4U
  5. MomsBlogs4U
  6. MyBlogs4U
  7. MyBlogsHome

We will be hosting contests whenever possible.

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2 Responses to Another Site 4 U

  1. Pat…I don’t put feeds from other sites into my sites.  That is not how I work.

  2. This is a duplicate post from another site. Why not just put a direct feed into your site?