Android Is Taking The Lead

In recent news, and several market reports it has been stated that the IPhone is losing its lead against the Android.  Some reports state that Android phone sales have gone beyond Blackberry, and IPhone sales.  It only goes to serve Apple right in my opinion.  The Android platform is by far a more superior system.  Just looking at the two platforms side by side they look similar in a lot of ways.  The Android platform seems to be gaining developers at the same time, and it has even been said on the internet that IPhone developers are starting to go over to the Android platform.

I started out with very high tech phones from Sprint / Nextel.  I moved into a Blackberry.  Blackberry wasn’t as fun, and easy to use, so I got rid of it.  After the Blackberry I moved into a Android based phone.  I believe I am here to stay until something comes out that will outperform the Android.

I had a Sprint HTC Hero originally.  Now I have a Sprint Galaxy S Epic 4G.  Sprint has moved in directions that Apple will have a chore keeping up with.  When I got rid of my Nextel Direct Connect feature I was a bit sad, but after getting the Android I found software that would basically give me my 2 way feature back to me.  Yes, this is a software solution available on the Market, and only works for Android phones, but it works.

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One Response to Android Is Taking The Lead

  1. Phonr dalres see-saw with new technology like most new toys.