Allstate Insurance Policyholders Beware

Allstate customers beware…

We received a letter of Cancellation from Allstate last month.  I immediatelly called Allstate to discuss the matter.  We were being cancelled because the “Mandatory” Questionaire hadn’t been returned.  I explained to the rep that I hadn’t gotten the questionaire.  He then said he would have another copy of it sent to me, and I wouldn’t be cancelled if it was promptly returned.

I called today to verify why I hadn’t received the papers, and got told that there was a misunderstanding on my part.  They said that there was no way that anyone from Allstate would say I wouldn’t be cancelled if I got the paperwork back.  I told the woman on the phone that I was willing to wager anything that if they pulled the tapes of the conversation that they would find out that I was right.  The lady said she would call me back.  About an hour later she called, and told me that they had pulled the tapes, and I was right.  She then told me that I would not be able to continue coverage.  I advised the lady that I wanted to file a complaint, and that I would be filing a complaint with any power higher than Allstate.  I guess that a bunch of flower coloring pages would have been worth more than the Allstate reps promises.  This also means that the cavemen can do things, and the fools at Allstate can’t.

What did we do next?  Well, I called my insurance agent, and had him start pricing insurance.  I then contacted Geico, and got my quote for them.  It turns out that they said a lot of people had an issue with Allstate, and that they have received many calls because of this problem.  They ended up being able to quote me for @ $175 less than I am currently paying.

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