Adjusting to the Heat

I have been trying to convince the wife that she should be wearing more comfortable clothing during the day, and at night, rather than sweat pants, and whatnot.  I try to get her to understand that the electric company is charging us more in the summer months.  We will not be putting on the central air system unless the house hits 100+.

She is stubborn, and I never get anywhere in my intentions.  I told her that she could stay cooler if she was to wear lighter clothing like a bathing suit with a t-shirt over it around the house.  I have always liked what most men consider a hot school girl costume, but I don’t think she would wear that in public.

She told me that she will wear what she wants, and that if she gets too hot that the swimming pool outside of our bedroom door will serve as the air conditioner.  I feel bad because in our house there seems to be a deficiency in understanding that cooking inside causes the heat to rise.  We have a grill, and it never gets used for the grilling foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, etc.  That is what a grill is meant for, isn’t it?

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2 Responses to Adjusting to the Heat

  1. Pat…I do grill.  My wife also grills.  If you didn’t read into that, then you missed the bus.

  2. If you like the grill, YOU should use it and help out.