About Me

This blog was created for my wife, and I.  She will be advising me of some of her notes, and I will be posting all articles.

I decided to start blogging because I feel I have some opinions that the public may be interested in.

While most of my blogging will have a lot to do with family there will be a few other small things..

On occassion my daughter will review an item, and I will post her reviews.


My name is John.  I have a daughter (Leeann),and a wife (Debbie).

I am 15+ years in the Computers/Networking/TV/Electronics industry.  I own my own business.  I own my own home.  We have 2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 birds, and a guinnea pig. (What a zoo, HUH?)  When I am not working, or typing I am relaxing in my living room playing online FPS (First Person Shooter) games on my PS3.

I am on Facebook: John Marsden

I am on AOL Instant Messenger: JND011792

I am on Microsoft Messenger: JSComputerNJ@Hotmail.Com or  DMarsden92@Hotmail.Com

My E-Mail is: JMarsden92@Comcast.Net

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2 Responses to About Me

  1. Greg… Like my blog states in several places… I am totally honest about everything I deal with, or review.  I am a Comcast internet customer, but I was trying to state fact that the salespeople on the road know absolutelly NOTHING about what they are selling, and will gladly sell you something that they can’t provide.  The whole Comcast “DIGITAL” sales pitch is totally ficticious.  They are giving you an ANALOG signal, and giving it a DIGITAL overlay.  Big difference from TRUE DIGITAL.  I am a DirecTV loyal customer, and will remain such.  Internet will remain with Comcast, as Fiber Optic is still new, and still has issues.  Not to mention that I am not a big Verizon fan.  Thanks for the input.  This all on top of the fact that the clown that came around said he was my neighbor rep, and was put there to make sure we all got taken care of correct.  If that was true, then he needed a bit of schooling on what he was selling.

  2. I just read some advice that you gave a customer about Comcast. Not to be disrespectful, but you use a comcast address? Do you work for comcast? I am just asking this because a person came to my door selling comcast. I went on their website and applied for a job. I got it. My background. Started with AT&T selling Uverse as soon as it came out. Things sure have changed from what they gave people in the beginning after 5 years. Now they are coming out with a Wal-mart strategy to outbid, just like DirectTV. I work for them, but I don’t agree with how they come and go with employees every year. Some of us try everything that they say like “check out what this guy is doing because he is really getting success!”. Well, these guys won’t tell you anything about how hard it gets in the down times of the year (winter). That guy that told them we might have the Sunday ticket was probably a dumb contractor, and they don’t have any reprecussions about what they say. They don’t get in trouble if they (lie) sell because they are not “Comcast” employees. At any rate, I was hired about 5 months ago, and my managers were hired about that time, or after. If we ask how come others are so sucessful, we need to ask them. Not the managers. Weird. I have been wrote up twice for not being productive, but was told “Do not sell off of your given lead sheet”! Everyone sells to whomever will buy. In your experience, why does comcast say this? I am assuming that you work for comcast, maybe you don’t and this whole email is stupid. But on the assumption that you do or have, could you give an opinion?