ABC’s series LOST

Has anyone seen the LOST trailer for the new season? Looks interesting. What got you started with LOST? Here is what got me hooked.

3 Seasons ago I happened to be watching the season attractions trailer that they broadcast on DirecTV.  I saw a recap on LOST, and thought that it looked like it was an interesting show.  My wife, and I then decided that we would set our DVR to record the first episode for Season 2, and we would decide after viewing it.  After viewing it we agreed that LOST definitelly had possibilities.  We watch each season like clockwork.

Do you have theories about what is going on?  I have followed the show closely, but I am still a little hazed about some of it.  At the end of the last season they were showing the Oceanic 7 back in the US.  They led me to believe through a few subtle hints that they were going to have the survivors go back to the island.  ABC is now showing the trailer, and basically confirming this.

Seems Locke is dead in the trailer…  Anyone else notice this?  I don’t actually remember Locke getting off the island.  The Oceanic 7 were: Jack, Kate, Hugo, Sayid, Jin, Sun, Baby… Am I right on this?

Where did Ben come from, as he was last shown in the Orchid… “Moving the island.”

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One Response to ABC’s series LOST

  1. I have never watched Lost. I didn’t see it when it first started and am one of those people that doesn’t like to watch things once I’ve missed stuff.