A Review of Juice Plus


I was recently given a sample of Juice Plus to try out by Future of Health Care.

Rick, and Bonnie Sue Ercolano are the owners of Future of Health Care, and they are continually striving to help out with how people are caring for themselves.  Rick asked me to give it a try, and give my honest opinion.

The reason why I enjoyed taking Juice Plus is that like most people I don’t eat enough fruits & vegetables and this product make it so much easier & affordable.  I can’t believe that for a little over a dollar a day I get 2 fruit, & 2 vegetable capsules.  I look at it like the Jetson food.  After looking at the research information that I was given I feel confident about putting Juice Plus in my body, and my family’s.

For further information visit: Http://www.FOHC.Net.

You can also comment here, and the Ercolanos will be continually checking for comments, and questions.

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