A level of parental control

When I was a child most parents actually had control on their kids, and also supervised them a lot more.  Nowadays children are handed their cell phone, and told to be careful.  Parents really don’t have a level of concern, or caring anymore as far as I am concerned.

Tonight I witnessed this at the local movie theatre.  The kids behind my family were obnoxious, and out of control.  Between the kicking of the seats, and loud talking they really showed a low level of parental class.  When my child does something wrong I know that it directly reflects on how she was brought up.

I further noticed that they don’t care about what the parents buy for them.  My wife witnessed them trashing a cell phone that one of them had.  If my child ever comes home with a phone broken, she will have some “Splainin’ to do.”  (Not that she will have one anytime soon, as I stronly disagree with a cell phone becoming the babysitter.)

I noticed that most parents do genuinely care for their kids, but some of them seem to have kids more for the “trophy” aspect.

What is everyone elses take on this?  Have you seen what I am referring to?  Do you know people that have kids for the “trophy”?

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