Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3)

Battlefield: Bad Company is a FPS made by EA/Dice. This game is available on the XBox 360, and the PS3.   Compared to the earlier PS2 version titled Battlefield: Modern Combat, there are substantial differences.  Realism is key, and this game has more than most could imagine.

From the actual weapons, to the actual vehicles that are in the real world, there isn’t much left to imagine.  This is one of the first FPS that a player can actually destroy building, trees, and… Well, let’s just say almost everything.

Single Player Story mode at 100% completion can easily be accomplished in 1 long day.  Finding all the hidden weapons, and gold crates is the hard part, but I will post about that later on.

Online mode is about as good as it can get currently.  The online mode has up to 24 players going 12 on 12.  The different modes are Conquest, and Gold Rush.  Conquest is basically “Capture the Flag” for the unfamiliar people.  The first of 2 teams to capture, and hold all flags wins.  Gold Rush is totally different in that one team must capture the gold crates the other team posesses.  Each time a base is fully captured, the defender moves on to another base.  During all of this, the Attackers have limited amounts of respawns available.  When all crates are captured, or all Attackers are exhausted the game is over.

All in all, I must give the game a 9 out of 10.

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