Monthly Archives: August 2012

Would They Be More Comfortable

I have often asked my wife what kind of clothes she would wear in case I decided to go out and purchase some for her. She is very picky, and won’t wear just anything. Each year I happen to see women wearing equestrian clothing around the county fair. Considering I don’t wear womens clothing I don’t know anything about comfort, or what they wear. I asked my wife if riding pants would be comfortable being horse riders wear them. She said that they are designed for riding horses.

With that being said she said that stretch jeans, and spandex are both very similar, and that she would stick to them. I was also further told to stop trying to be a sweet husband, and leave the clothing shopping to her. Knowing that I don’t like shopping I have decided to do exactly what she asks. I will just have to leave shopping for my daughters clothes, my clothes, and her own clothes to my wife.

Michigan Is A Very Nice Place

I just returned from a trip to Petoskey, Michigan.  I had to go and help my uncle out with something.  While we were there he took me to Johan’s Bakery.  They made some excellent doughnuts.  We ended up getting to bring a few back with us.  We also wen’t to a chocolate store / factory named Kilwins.  They had some really good fudge.  We took a ride out and around to Harbor Springs because that is where they were originally located.   Driving through that area a lot of people were swimming at the beach, and riding bicycles.  It seems like a lot of the people up there were wearing what appeared to look like wrestling gear, but it was in fact just shorts and a top.

We ate dinner at a place called Garfields.  It is similar to a Chilis, Fridays, and other restaurants like that.  The Holiday Inn we stayed at was very nice, and actually offered a real breakfast instead of a continental breakfast.  Most hotels don’t offer the full service.

All in all it was a nice trip.  I never said relaxing because we didn’t have much time to do any relaxing.  The drive out took us @15 hours each way.