Monthly Archives: February 2012

Getting Ready For Our Friends Moving Sale

Before Christmas we helped out one of our friends that is going to be moving.  We found so much stuff that we thought would have some value.  After going through everythign real good we realized that some of the stuff would only be worth money to a collector.  We didn’t have the time to get in touch with collectors so we just let certain things go for whatever we could.

We found some of the first cell phones ever made.  We also found a full stereo system that fit inside of a “Buffet” unit.  It had a turntable, and a tape deck.  We got in touch with a few people that might have been able to use the stereo equipment, but it turned out that they needed more current stuff like the Gemini turntables you see for music professionals.  We know that it could have gone for more, but didn’t have the time to wait.

She had so much stuff that we didn’t realize until the end of the day that we had practically cleared 60% of her house out.  When she came home from being at the mall she was amazed at how much wasn’t there anymore.  We now are getting ready for the final moving sale.  We were firm on our prices the first time, but this time we are going to deal a bit more, but not give things away.

It will be a shame to see a friend go, but the economy has hit some people harder than others.  Have you ever done anything like a moving sale?  How did it work out for you?

Been Trying To Help With Housework

Most of the time I used to leave a lot of the miscellanous housework to my wife.  This was mainly because I would be on the road all day, and she would be home.  Now that my wife is working with me I have been trying more, and more to help out with some of the work that she used to do.

I do the dishes whenever possible.  I also cook when I am in the mood.  Doing clothes will always remain in her agenda.  I have done things like iron clothes in the past, but only when I can find one of the ironing boards.

During the summer I maintain the pool, and help her with the yard.  We have been trying to get the little one to help out a bit more, but without threatening to take away a phone, or computer it is hard to get her to cooperate.

Do you help out with the housework?  Was anything different in the past?

Music And Sound Equipment Savings Are Available

I am not a very big music person.  I am however a big video gamer.  I never got into being in a band, or anything like that.  Maybe this is because I didn’t have the money to get into music earlier in my adulthood.

People that are into music sometimes don’t get the benefit of sales, or discounts. This is because musical equipment is something that holds its value rather well.  I have a few people in my family that are into musical instruments, and they could benefit from discounts, or even coupons.  I know that this could be good for one of them because they had some equipment get ruined in a fire at a band members house.

That being said I know that they will appreciate being able to Take 15 % off any item priced over $199 or more.  Being in the electronics business I will check to see if any of my customers need any new sound equipment.  I always make sure to give my customers the best price that I can.

If that isn’t enough savings then I don’t know what to tell you.

Are you into musical instruments?  If you were purchasing any equipment would this be something you took advantage of?  Is the economy making your music sound a bit weak?